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11/05/2014 - Three more seminars in Moscow: Schedule for November and December

Now I am residing in Moscow. I will give three seminars dealing with different topics during the months of November and December here. Enjoy!

(Clear the cache of your browser completely by Ctrl + F5 or you will be likely to get the old pdf with the four seminars for November and December)

10/12/2014 - Tour in Moscow and Saint Petersburg: Pictures and videos

Here you can see, by means of pictures and videos, fragments of the Tour of Gabriel Pradīpaka in Russia during the month of September 2014 (In English) (In Russian) (In Russian)

09/24/2014 - Translation into Hungarian language: 'ā', 'u and ū', 'ṛ to au', 'ka and kha', 'ga and gha' and 'ca and cha'

  1. Our two Hungarian collaborators, Dávid and Tamás, finished their translation of the entire "Sanskrit Names" section. These are the final documents that they translated: ā, u and ū, ṛ to au, ka and kha, ga and gha and ca and cha.
  2. Great job, collaborators, as usual!
  3. After a successful satsaṅga and seminar during the last weekend (from Thursday through Sunday), I am ready for my last satsaṅga (today) and seminar (Friday to Sunday) of this first tour in Moscow.
  4. Pictures and probably videos of the meetings will be published later on this website.
  5. Enjoy!

09/16/2014 - Translation into Hungarian language: LINKS, DFSL Backlink (magyar), DFSL Rating (magyar), Names, etc.

  1. Now our two Hungarian collaborators, Dávid and Tamás, are done with their translations of the following documents: LINKS, DFSL Backlink (magyar), DFSL Rating (magyar), Names, Sanskrit Names, Itrans howto, Sanskrit Names Info, a, i and ī, ja and jha, ta and tha, da and dha, na, pa and pha, ba and bha, ma and ya.
  2. Congratulations, collaborators, as always!
  3. After a successful seminar in Saint Petersburg the last weekend, today I am returning to Moscow in the evening for the upcoming satsaṅga and seminar during the next weekend (from Thursday through Sunday).
  4. The previous seminar in Saint Petersburg was my first seminar completely in English. I thought it would be very difficult for me to speak in my second language, but fortunately I had no problems at all. I was lucky, hehe.
  5. Enjoy!

09/02/2014 - Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa: Stanzas 5 to 8 - Part 6

  1. The sixth part of the commentary on the stanzas 5 to 8 in Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa is now completely translated.
  2. After a delay of a few months busy with the Forum installation and configuration, with the new Hungarian section (it was very time-consuming indeed!), with my upcoming Russian Tour, I could anyway continue my advance toward the fourteenth fortress during my free time. Now it is conquered totally. It was the most difficult translation so far. A colossal task, most assuredly! As always, most readers will understand practically nothing. This is serious stuff for very advanced Yogī-s who are scholars and have a direct experience of their Self. In the future, with my long explanations, more readers will be able to understand, at least on an intellectual level only.
  3. Now, only eleven fortresses are left to be sieged and conquered.
  4. Within two days I will be flying to Moscow for my Russian Tour. I will spread the sacred Trika teachings there such as the Lord ordered me to do. There is no obstacle to His Will, because all the possible obstacles are even Himself. Hence He is called Arodhya or the One who cannot be obstructed.
  5. I offer my efforts to this Great Lord then!
  6. I worship Śiva "alone" forever!
  7. Enjoy!

08/23/2014 - Translation into Hungarian language: Alphabet, Alphabet (variant), etc.

  1. Our two Hungarian collaborators, Dávid and Tamás, finished their translations of the following pages: Alphabet, Alphabet (variant), Hungarian-Home - Blog, Hungarian-Home - Fonts, Fonts and Test your browser with the Sanskrit 2003 font.
  2. Congratulations, collaborators, on an excellent and fast job!
  3. Enjoy!

08/18/2014 - New collaborator and new translation

  1. A new Hungarian collaborator has arrived: Tamás István Énisz
  2. And this article is his first contribution to the website: Onion and garlic
  3. Welcome Tamás and very good job!
  4. Enjoy!

08/16/2014 - Translation into Hungarian language: Two articles

  1. Our collaborator, Dávid Farkas, translated the articles Protoshaivism (along with its Appendix) and Is spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit hidden? into Hungarian language.
  2. Enjoy!

08/11/2014 - Translation into Hungarian language: Svātantryasūtram

  1. Our collaborator, Dávid Farkas, translated Svātantryasūtram into Hungarian language.
  2. Enjoy!

08/07/2014 - New section in Hungarian language

  1. A big thing has just landed on the website: A new section in Hungarian language! (look up for the Hungarian flag).
  2. The framework is now totally finished (it has been a very time-consuming task indeed!).
  3. The formidable mission of translating all the documents into that language will be in the hands of our collaborator: Dávid Farkas.
  4. Enjoy!

06/30/2014 - We have finally a Forum!

  1. A great news now: "We have finally a Forum to ask, answer and have fun learning/teaching things about Sanskrit and its universe in a more interactive way". I won't be alone responding doubts but other people with solid knowledge about these topics will join to the "Knowledge Party".
  2. Welcome everybody to the Forum, dear visitors!
  3. First, obviously, you must register there (once your registration is approved, log in and go to the User Control Panel to add your personal information you want other people to see) and start to have fun with this new Play of Consciousness.
  4. Three languages are permitted for the posts: English, Spanish and Portuguese. I have people helping me to moderate the forum, of course, and together we can deal with those three languages with no problem.
  5. Enjoy!

06/23/2014 - New collaborator arrives along with a new translation into Hungarian language!

  1. A new collaborator arrives from Budapest, Hungary: Dávid Farkas.
  2. His first contribution is a translation of my Svātantryasūtram into Hungarian language (there is a clear link to a downloadable zipped pdf below the top links of that page).
  3. Welcome Dávid!... and, hey, now my scripture is in five languages: Sanskrit, English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Hungarian! Great!
  4. Enjoy!

06/05/2014 - Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa: Stanzas 5 to 8 - Part 5

  1. The fifth part of the commentary on the stanzas 5 to 8 in Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa is now thoroughly translated.
  2. The thirteenth fortress finally surrendered! It was difficult and long, but the type of difficulty in this case was different from that of the previous fortress. How to explain this? For example: The average reader will read and read a certain paragraph, and everything will look OK... but when he is done with the paragraph, he will realize he couldn't understand anything. The reason for this is that Abhinavagupta is flying very high, very high now. This Part 5 is only for guru-s and similar high-souled ones who has a "direct experience" of the subject being dealt with. So, as far as the average reader is concerned, knowledge will be merely intellectual till he has a direct experience of it. And in the absence of this sort of experience, some things could seem very confusing or even contradictory. However, there is no contradiction and everything is crystal clear when you gain access to the Core of your own Self.
  3. Now, only twelve fortresses are left to be conquered. The delay in taking the present fortress was not mostly due to the insane Sanskrit exhibited by Abhinavagupta, but rather to the innumerable problems I ran into in my "personal life". Nothing terrible, but the number was so high that I was very busy with solving them one by one. If I was a monk I would possibly have a life of peace in the solitude of a monastery. Unfortunately, I don't want to be a monk and prefer to continue my life in the middle of the common worldly pressures (e.g. this got broken and I must fix it... money is running out... etc.). Just trifles, but no way, one has to take the trouble to deal with them and resolve the problems.
  4. At this right moment, my little army has begun its attack on Part 6 (the fourteenth fortress out of twenty-five). It will take it sooner or later, and at all costs... as usual!
  5. I offer my efforts to the Supreme Lord of all!
  6. I worship Śiva "alone" forever!
  7. Enjoy!

06/01/2014 - Anniversary: 15 years online!

  1. Today is a very important day: It is the 15th anniversary of the website online!
  2. A lot of things have happened since its foundation in June 1st 1999, some of them were good, others bad, others neutral. Anyway, both devotion to the Great Lord of all and a lying spirit of brotherhood could be kept by His own Grace.
  3. I also want to say: Thank you, collaborators, for their invaluable help during so many years of hard work!
  4. Keep enjoying!

05/01/2014 - Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa: Stanzas 5 to 8 - Part 4 (Partial explanation)

  1. Due to the state of "stupefaction and terror" of several offline and online pupils of mine with reference to the Part 4 (stanzas 5-8 of Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa), which was recently published... I am not joking... I made the decision of partially explaining the Part 4 by didactical charts so the subject will become much clearer to understand to the average reader. Therefore, go to the bottom of the page "Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa (Part 4 of stanzas 5-8)" for my brief explanation. I hope you will be glad with it.
  2. After this little delay I can continue with my translation of the Part 5 then.
  3. Enjoy!

04/29/2014 - Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam entirely in Brazilian Portuguese

  1. Another gem of Trika Knowledge was translated by our collaborators from Brazil, Paulo and Claudio: Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam, the Heart of Recognition of one's own Self, a concise scripture in verse where the sage Kṣemarāja summarizes the basic principles of the Pratyabhijñā school (one of the four schools the Trika system is composed of).
  2. This translation means more treasures of Knowledge being available for Portuguese-speaking people directly in their language. This is also historic, because nobody had translated my translation (if you will excuse the repetition) of this scripture into Brazilian Portuguese before. Good job, twins!
  3. Enjoy!

04/24/2014 - Śivasūtravimarśinī entirely in Brazilian Portuguese

  1. Our collaborators from Brazil, Paulo and Claudio, have finished the extremely difficult and long translation of: Śivasūtravimarśinī, the great commentary of the sage Kṣemarāja (the main disciple of Abhinavagupta, the greatest Trika Master of all time) on venerable Śivasūtra-s.
  2. The task of translating all those eight loooooong documents into Brazilian Portuguese was a mammoth one (specially if you take into consideration that the pure translations --with Sanskrit at minimum-- are also there for you to read them in Brazilian Portuguese too!). See them by yourself to understand the magnitude of their efforts!
  3. Now, all those people whose first language is Portuguese will be delighted with this translation. For the first time in history (no jokes), this translation of mine in English and Spanish of one of the greatest works in the Trika literature has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese entirely. This is therefore "historic" from all viewpoints. This scripture is bestower of Final Liberation indeed, hence its importance.
  4. Congratulations twins on your great accomplishment! There is no way to duly thank you for your patience and devotion.
  5. Enjoy!

04/22/2014 - Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa: Stanzas 5 to 8 - Part 4

  1. The fourth part of the commentary on the stanzas 5 to 8 in Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa is now totally translated.
  2. The twelfth fortress was taken then... but the fight was extraordinary. If the next fortresses will be so difficult to take, this war will be a long one. Yes, the enemy is shooting... and shooting hard. I had to write some additional explanations within the translation itself or the readers (except "muni-s" and "scholars" of high rank, hehe) will have their boat sunk before setting sail (I am not joking). Even with that help, Abhinavagupta writes in such a confusing and massive way that most readers will not understand the text completely until I can deliver a similarly massive global explanation of it in the future. This is no surprise, because from the beginning everybody knew that this book is only for great Yogī-s and Yoginī-s even in its English version. In Sanskrit... it is intended for demigods to start with, hahahaha. Absolutely overwhelming! One has to laugh or else commit suicide. There is no other way to deal with Abhinavagupta's massive expositions in Sanskrit. My intellect is still in comma after translating that mass of Knowledge. Just read the text and laugh with me at your complete ignorance about Trika. As I warned that this portion was not going to be for the faint of hearts, you could see it coming anyway.
  3. Now, only thirteen fortresses are left to be taken, in other words, almost the half of the enemy territory has been conquered by my little army. Time to continue my advance toward the thirteenth fortress. Let us see what new surprises I will face here!
  4. I offer my efforts to the Supreme Lord without whose Help nobody can cross the unfathomable Ocean of Mother Ignorance.
  5. I worship Śiva "alone" forever!
  6. Enjoy!

03/27/2014 - Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa: Stanzas 5 to 8 - Part 3

  1. The third part of the commentary on the stanzas 5 to 8 in Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa is now absolutely translated.
  2. The eleventh fortress has been completely "blasted" then. As always, every new battle is more brutal than the previous one. The first skirmishes in order to conquer the next fortress (the twelfth one --part 4--) have already started... and let me be completely clear regarding this: It will be quite an ordeal to my intellect as the challenge is colossal. In the upcoming fourth part, Abhinavagupta will begin his exposition on the different arrangements of the alphabet with reference to the 36 tattva-s or categories according to the viewpoints of Parā, Parāparā and Aparā, which is not for the faint of hearts, believe me.
  3. I offer once again this hard work to the Great Lord who dwells "entirely" in every particle of this universe according to the Kula's teaching affirming that "all consists in all" (i.e. the Totality is present in each of the portions It Itself is composed of).
  4. I worship Śiva "alone" forever!
  5. Enjoy!

03/06/2014 - Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa: Stanzas 5 to 8 - Part 2

  1. The second part of the commentary on the stanzas 5 to 8 in Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa is now completely translated.
  2. The tenth fortress is now fully conquered. This battle was even more brutal than the previous one. So far, it has been my greatest effort during this war. To translate all that has been quite a nightmare! My little army is tired of the extraordinarily difficult Abhinavagupta's writing style where I have to add words or phrases almost all the time to complete the sense, be sure, but it continues to advance deeper and deeper into enemy territory until it gets the final victory. It is still far because other fifteen fortresses are left to be conquered anyway. No despair here... it is about time and more efforts. Now, I go for the eleventh fortress!
  3. I also uploaded to the website the text (untranslated yet) of the part 4 of the stanzas 5 to 8.
  4. I worship Śiva "alone" forever!
  5. Enjoy!