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03/03/2015 - The program of seminars with Gurujii in March, April and May of 2015

I will give four more seminars here in Moscow, during the months of March, April and May. Enjoy!

01/20/2015 - My channel on You Tube: It contains a collection of videos about my seminars

This is my channel on You Tube, containing a collection of videos about various seminars.

02/26/2015 - Śivasūtra-s: Full explanation of the second chapter (in five videos)

  1. I added more videos about Śivasūtra-s (chapter 2 - complete explanation in 5 videos) to my channel on You Tube.
  2. The new videos are in the "Śivasūtra-s Seminars" playlist, and they total around 8 hours of pure Trika (Non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir) and Sanskrit knowledge.
  3. Through my commentary on the 7th aphorism, I entirely explain the relationship between the Sanskrit letters (in the Mātṛkā arrangement of the Sanskrit alphabet) and the categories of the universal manifestation. To understand this subject-matter is crucial to penetrate into the Core of the sacred teachings of Trika.
  4. In the past I wrote a lot on the website. Now, I am speaking a lot through the videos of my seminars. I will come back to writing later, when I finish to "build" my life here, in Moscow. Little by little I am creating my life again like in Argentina but in a Russian way, hehe. This requires time. When it is finished, I will have time to add more contents to the website in the form of written stuff. Be patient, please.
  5. In the meantime, the new Russian section of the website is being gradually built by a collaborator. This is also very time-consuming not only for her but for me too, because I have to check all from a technical viewpoint. This Russian section will be ready soon, I guess. So, its formal inauguration will happen in the near future.
  6. In a nutshell, this website is fully active for you, dear visitor.

02/23/2015 - Important news: Donate to the website

  1. Now and then, visitors e-mail me for expressing their desire to donate money to the website. This has been happening for many years. Well, now those people have the possibility to easily/safely do it via the usual PayPal service (look up for their well-known "Donate" button).
  2. Donations will be used for maintaining the two websites, building Yoga communities, tours and similar stuff. My purpose is always to spread these teachings as much as possible in order to elevate humankind.
  3. Enjoy!

02/11/2015 - Spandakārikā-s: Full explanation of the first chapter (in five videos)

  1. I added more videos about Spandakārikā-s (chapter 1 - complete explanation in 5 videos) to my channel on You Tube.
  2. During the last week, I added four videos too: Two about Śivasūtra-s and two about Paramārthasāra.
  3. Our collaborators, Paulo and Claudio, improved their website (which was chosen as Site of Year 2014 in the DFSL) with the addition of references to the Müller's grammar in order for you to check if the declension being shown for a certain word is fully right.
  4. Enjoy!

01/29/2015 - DFSL: Site of the Year 2014

  1. The website of our Brazilian collaborators, Paulo and Claudio, was chosen as Site of the Year 2014 in the DFSL.
  2. The website looks apparently simple but they have invested a great deal of time in building it, because most of the contents are "under the hood", i.e. invisible to the reader at first. When you use it, you will understand my words. In a nutshell, their website is doubtless greatly useful for Sanskrit students. And they continue to improve it!
  3. Congratulation, dear collaborators!
  4. Enjoy!

01/20/2015 - Announcement: My channel on You Tube

  1. I configured completely my own channel on You Tube by means of playlists - A link to my channel will be constantly available as an important news at the top of this page.
  2. Now I added a new playlist with the "Seminar on karma and Indian philosophies". It contains around 8 or 9 hours of deep spiritual teachings for you.
  3. I will add more videos there in the near future.
  4. Enjoy!

01/14/2015 - Gurugītā: 'Devanāgarī and IAST only' versions

  1. I created the "Devanāgarī only" and "IAST only" versions of this famous hymn in honor of the Guru: Gurugītā - Short version.
  2. Now, you will be able to print the text, whether in Sanskrit signs or transliterated, without my translation all the time in the middle. This will make your chanting it much easier.
  3. "Gurugītā - Short version" is chanted every day in the communities of my tradition... and in those of some other traditions too, I guess.
  4. Enjoy!

01/04/2015 - Śivamahimnaḥ stotram and Śivamānasapūjā: 'Devanāgarī and IAST only' versions

  1. I created the "Devanāgarī only" and "IAST only" versions of these two hymns: Śivamahimnaḥ stotram and Śivamānasapūjā
  2. Why? Because they are generally chanted in Yoga communities. Now, you will be able to print the text, whether in Sanskrit signs or transliterated, without my translation all the time in the middle.
  3. Enjoy!

12/27/2014 - The program of seminars with Gurujii in January and February 2015

Now that I am residing in Moscow, I will give here four seminars dealing with different topics during the months of January and February of 2015. Enjoy!

10/12/2014 - Tour in Moscow and Saint Petersburg: Pictures and videos

Here you can see, by means of pictures and videos, fragments of the Tour of Gabriel Pradīpaka in Russia during the month of September 2014 (In English) (In Russian) (In Russian)

09/24/2014 - Translation into Hungarian language: 'ā', 'u and ū', 'ṛ to au', 'ka and kha', 'ga and gha' and 'ca and cha'

  1. Our two Hungarian collaborators, Dávid and Tamás, finished their translation of the entire "Sanskrit Names" section. These are the final documents that they translated: ā, u and ū, ṛ to au, ka and kha, ga and gha and ca and cha.
  2. Great job, collaborators, as usual!
  3. After a successful satsaṅga and seminar during the last weekend (from Thursday through Sunday), I am ready for my last satsaṅga (today) and seminar (Friday to Sunday) of this first tour in Moscow.
  4. Pictures and probably videos of the meetings will be published later on this website.
  5. Enjoy!

09/16/2014 - Translation into Hungarian language: LINKS, DFSL Backlink (magyar), DFSL Rating (magyar), Names, etc.

  1. Now our two Hungarian collaborators, Dávid and Tamás, are done with their translations of the following documents: LINKS, DFSL Backlink (magyar), DFSL Rating (magyar), Names, Sanskrit Names, Itrans howto, Sanskrit Names Info, a, i and ī, ja and jha, ta and tha, da and dha, na, pa and pha, ba and bha, ma and ya.
  2. Congratulations, collaborators, as always!
  3. After a successful seminar in Saint Petersburg the last weekend, today I am returning to Moscow in the evening for the upcoming satsaṅga and seminar during the next weekend (from Thursday through Sunday).
  4. The previous seminar in Saint Petersburg was my first seminar completely in English. I thought it would be very difficult for me to speak in my second language, but fortunately I had no problems at all. I was lucky, hehe.
  5. Enjoy!

09/02/2014 - Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa: Stanzas 5 to 8 - Part 6

  1. The sixth part of the commentary on the stanzas 5 to 8 in Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa is now completely translated.
  2. After a delay of a few months busy with the Forum installation and configuration, with the new Hungarian section (it was very time-consuming indeed!), with my upcoming Russian Tour, I could anyway continue my advance toward the fourteenth fortress during my free time. Now it is conquered totally. It was the most difficult translation so far. A colossal task, most assuredly! As always, most readers will understand practically nothing. This is serious stuff for very advanced Yogī-s who are scholars and have a direct experience of their Self. In the future, with my long explanations, more readers will be able to understand, at least on an intellectual level only.
  3. Now, only eleven fortresses are left to be sieged and conquered.
  4. Within two days I will be flying to Moscow for my Russian Tour. I will spread the sacred Trika teachings there such as the Lord ordered me to do. There is no obstacle to His Will, because all the possible obstacles are even Himself. Hence He is called Arodhya or the One who cannot be obstructed.
  5. I offer my efforts to this Great Lord then!
  6. I worship Śiva "alone" forever!
  7. Enjoy!

08/23/2014 - Translation into Hungarian language: Alphabet, Alphabet (variant), etc.

  1. Our two Hungarian collaborators, Dávid and Tamás, finished their translations of the following pages: Alphabet, Alphabet (variant), Hungarian-Home - Blog, Hungarian-Home - Fonts, Fonts and Test your browser with the Sanskrit 2003 font.
  2. Congratulations, collaborators, on an excellent and fast job!
  3. Enjoy!

08/18/2014 - New collaborator and new translation

  1. A new Hungarian collaborator has arrived: Tamás István Énisz
  2. And this article is his first contribution to the website: Onion and garlic
  3. Welcome Tamás and very good job!
  4. Enjoy!

08/16/2014 - Translation into Hungarian language: Two articles

  1. Our collaborator, Dávid Farkas, translated the articles Protoshaivism (along with its Appendix) and Is spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit hidden? into Hungarian language.
  2. Enjoy!

08/11/2014 - Translation into Hungarian language: Svātantryasūtram

  1. Our collaborator, Dávid Farkas, translated Svātantryasūtram into Hungarian language.
  2. Enjoy!

08/07/2014 - New section in Hungarian language

  1. A big thing has just landed on the website: A new section in Hungarian language! (look up for the Hungarian flag).
  2. The framework is now totally finished (it has been a very time-consuming task indeed!).
  3. The formidable mission of translating all the documents into that language will be in the hands of our collaborator: Dávid Farkas.
  4. Enjoy!

06/30/2014 - We have finally a Forum!

  1. A great news now: "We have finally a Forum to ask, answer and have fun learning/teaching things about Sanskrit and its universe in a more interactive way". I won't be alone responding doubts but other people with solid knowledge about these topics will join to the "Knowledge Party".
  2. Welcome everybody to the Forum, dear visitors!
  3. First, obviously, you must register there (once your registration is approved, log in and go to the User Control Panel to add your personal information you want other people to see) and start to have fun with this new Play of Consciousness.
  4. Three languages are permitted for the posts: English, Spanish and Portuguese. I have people helping me to moderate the forum, of course, and together we can deal with those three languages with no problem.
  5. Enjoy!